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This highly customized e-commerce solution walks customers through the customization of their print product order. With this technology we managed to simplify the customer experience by reducing the original fifteen minute process of placing a print order in person or over the phone to approximately 3 minutes from the comfort of their own home. We also managed to introduce efficiencies to the management of these orders by integrating web orders with the in-house **Order Form** management system. developing a Over 40% of Reproductions' walk-in traffic is now using this web system resulting in staff and customer time savings.

This ecommerce solution can be easily integrated into Order Form and Q System for a complete order placement, fullfilment and customer service solution.

See how we can work with your business to provide you a solution that directly matches your workflow.

Ecommerce Website for Reproductions
Highly customized ecommerce website for Reproductions, national leaders in headshot printing
Ecommerce step-by-step ordering wizard
Step-by-step wizard guides customers through placing their print order
Ecommerce image upload
Easily upload the images you want to print
Ecommerce order customization
Select your headshot layout from the available templates
Ecommerce order customization
Customize your headshots and preview your changes
Ecommerce order customization
Additional services are offered before checkout
Ecommerce Shopping Cart
Easy to use shopping cart and checkout mechanism
Ecommerce order management
Customer service staff can easily manage incoming web orders
Ecommerce in-house system integration and automation
Automation tools facilitate in-house workflow and FedEx label generation


Customized Web Shopping

This highly customized ecommerce solution walks customers through the design of their print product order. We simplified the customer experience with a step-by-step design wizard. A robust management console allows customer service staff to easily manage orders by:

  1. Monitoring and servicing orders from a central administrative dashboard
  2. Integrating web orders with the in-house Order Form for seamless workflow
  3. Managing orders through the Shipping Q that dynamically prints FedEx labels

Let us show you how we can tailor a solution for your business.