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Q System is a customer queue and workflow tool that manages customer walk-in traffic. Q System has three components: 1. a customer sign-in kiosk, 2. digital signs informing customers when and where they will be serviced, and, 3. desktop queues throughout the business that give staff a real-time overview of customers waiting for service. Q System calms impatient customers and exasperated staff by providing a smooth customer service experience. Q System sign-in queue can be used for any number of purposes. Customer activity is divided into queues based upon the different stations necessary. Desktop windows on each service staff's computer or anywhere throughout the organization, give an overview and breakdown of the customers neededing to be serviced. Queues can be viewed and managed by the appropriate person. In the customer lounge, on large computer displays, the customers will be able to view a list of all customer names waiting for service and the order which they were entered into the Sign-In Kiosk. This will provide customers with a way to view their position and when they are likely to be serviced. Each customer name will appear on a separate line in the order they signed in. Staff members will call customers in the lounge when it is their turn to be serviced. Once a staff member has serviced the customer the staff member will clear the customers name from the Q System and their name will be automatically removed from the Customer Lounge Displays. Customers enter and stand in a waiting area until Reception staff can attend them. Reception staff then directs traffic flow, ensuring that all customer requests are delivered to the proper service station. As customer load gets heavy, efficiency and timely management is sacrificed. Many businesses recognize the need for an automated queue system that will allow staff at each service station to view an up-to-the-minute list of customers waiting to visit their station. From the customer lounge, customers will be able to view an ordered list so they can anticipate when they will be serviced. The automated queue system, named “Q” is very quick and easy to use from a customer’s perspective. It delivers the customer to a lounge so they do not bottleneck the entry area. Customers feel reassured that staff are aware of their needs and have an efficient system for calling upon them. The Q System reliably communicates to the staff that customers are waiting and in which order they should be serviced.

Q System sign-in kiosk
An intuitive sign-in kiosk greets customers
Q System directs customers to the waiting area
After signing in, customers can relax knowing they will be helped
Q System lobby screens display customers waiting
Screens prominently display the queue indicating who will be helped next
Q System Walk-in queue for front desk staff
A customer service staff member reviews a list of waiting customers from their desktop Q
Q System Walk-in queue for front desk staff
The desktop Q shows who is next and the purpose of their visit
Q System departamental workflow management
The front desk staff member then directs customers to the correct service department
Q System departamental workflow management
The front desk staff member then directs customers to the correct service department
Q System for management
The Management Dashboard gives managers easy access to all queues for monitoring
Q System for production
Production staff has a live form that tracks all production orders due today
Q System for shipping
The shipping queue dynamically generates FedEx shipping labels when the order is ready

Q System

Customer Traffic Queue

Q System is a robust workflow management system that manages customer traffic through each service department from walk-in to order fulfilment. It has four components:

  1. Customer sign-in kiosk
  2. Flat-screens informing customers when and where they will be serviced
  3. Desktop queues manage real-time customer workflow at each service department
  4. Production and shipping queues to manage order fulfilment and shipping, including FedEx label generation

Q System, DASH, and Order Form all play well together. Contact us for a demonstration.